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In recent years, the trend of using organic products has become popular in developed countries around the world because of the benefits and health values from nature, becoming a new trend of the world, many consumers due to good product quality, clear origin and guaranteed safety

What is Organic Fruit?

To be called Organic Fruit, the origin of the fruit must meet the following standards:

– No flavorings, colorings, preservatives, thickeners are used.

– Do not use chemicals and growth hormones.

– No genetically modified (Non GMO) ingredients, no sterilization irradiation…

– The process of growing plants is closed, using only organic matter to provide nutrients for plants

Why should you choose Organic Fruits?

Why should you choose Organic Fruits?
Why should you choose Organic Fruits?

1. Freshness of fruit

The nutritional content of vitamins and minerals is also 15% higher than that of regular fruits. Fruit is fresher because the product can only be sold in a short time, not for long because it does not contain preservatives, so the fruit will spoil faster.

2. Safe for children's health

Using Organic Fruits, you will limit the risks of children suffering from fruit poisoning or tolerating some toxins from pesticides that affect later development. Therefore, Organic Fruits will ensure the safest and healthiest growth for children.

3. Improve the immune system

If Normal Fruit is injected with GMOs, Organic Fruit says no to it

A meta-analysis of 343 studies on the difference between conventional and organic produce found that the antioxidants in organic products were 1-2 times more than conventional products.

Research by QLIF (Quality Low Input Food) shows that organic milk contains more saturated fatty acids such as Omega 3, omega 6, and linoleic acid than conventionally raised cow's milk. These substances have the effect of improving immunity, preventing cancer.

The benefits of using organic fruits

The benefits of using organic fruits
The benefits of using organic fruits

1. Very good anti-oxidant

According to research, organic fruit contains significantly higher concentrations of antioxidants than conventionally grown vegetables.

In fact, antioxidant compounds have been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular and neurological degenerative diseases as well as some cancers.

2. No pesticides

This is the reason why people choose to consume organic fruit, as products that contain pesticides cause some medical disorders and are considered unhealthy.

3. Strengthens the Immune System

As mentioned above, organic fruit is a great immune system booster. Normally when we consume a large amount of fruits that are full of pesticides, they put the body in danger.

Regular consumption of such fruits weakens the immune system leading to increased birth mortality, sexual dysfunction, certain types of cancer, and increased sensitivity to allergens. response.

4. Antibiotics

Common fruit is said to have large amounts of antibiotics in it. This again weakens the immune system and puts you at higher risk of disease. So using organic fruit is a pretty reasonable thing.

5. Good for health

Since organic food has no chemical fertilizers, it does not affect the body in a negative way.

6. Improve the taste

The taste of organic food is far superior, as it has no preservatives.

Organic fruit is produced on smaller farms and is sold fresh for a short time, so when it reaches the consumer, it retains its full flavor.

7. Better for the environment

Organic agriculture reduces environmental pollution, conserves water, reduces erosion, increases soil fertility, and uses less energy. This makes it healthy for the environment.

8. Protecting children's health

One of the most important benefits of organic fruit is the health of babies. Pregnant women when consuming organic fruit nourish the fetus naturally.

9. Non-GMO

Organic fruit is not genetically modified. Many non-organic fruits are increasingly genetically modified and the health consequences can be really dire.

Benefits and health values from nature
Benefits and health values from nature

The world is awakening to the importance of consuming wholesome and sustainable products, and VnAgroExports is leading the charge in this endeavor. As consumers seek healthier alternatives to support their well-being and protect the planet, VnAgroExports stands as a reliable partner, offering a diverse selection of nutritious and organic fruits. Embracing the philosophy of health, sustainability, and superior quality, VnAgroExports is committed to nourishing both the body and the environment, fostering a brighter and healthier future for all.

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