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Discover the delectable world of guavas, where sweet and tangy flavors unite in a tropical symphony. At VnAgroExports, we take pride in offering you the finest and freshest guavas grown in the lush orchards of Vietnam.


Guava, a tropical fruit, is prized for its distinctive taste and enticing fragrance. With its round or pear-like shape and green or yellow skin, guava has a tender, sweet, and sometimes tangy flesh inside, filled with tiny edible seeds. Originating from Central America, guava is a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, making it a nutritious choice. 


Guava not only rich in vitamin C, the composition of guava also contains other substances such as vitamin A, folic acid and minerals. Nutritional value in 100 g of guava has: 85 g water, 8,920 g sugar; 0.6 g protein; 7.7 g of glucose; 6 g of cellulose; 291 mg of potassium; 5.204 mcg Lycopene; 10 mg of calcium; 16 mg of phosphorus.


Guava reduces the risk of developing cancer, helps improve the immune system, contains anti-aging properties, keeps teeth healthy, is good for people with diabetes, helps treat constipation, improves heart health circuit, good for the brain.


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